Sep 13 2008

School Enrolment

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Today Lisa had her first day at school. A big event for everyone — including us.

Seeing her to grow up is one thing. Finally understanding that she’s big now and no longer a kindergarden kid is another story. There were times when I could barely await that she was getting older. On days like today I realize that time is passing fast. Way to fast to grasp all those memories and store them in your brain.

Anyhow telling her that we had to do some grocery shopping after lunch, we took a ride with the car. But instead of heading to the local grocery store we took her by surprise by heading to a circus which was just stopping in our town.

In other news: The construction of our new home is nearing its completion – despite all last-minute-works and problems and final errands to be done. We’re all quite exhaustet at this time but if everything goes well, we’ll move into our new house on next Saturday.

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