So that's me (the guy on the top, not the one coming out of the garbage bin). This picture has been taken in a strange summer night quite close to the golden gate bridge in S.F. by a friend of mine, Vitaly Iourtchenko.

Things look different depending on the perspective you choose - so here are some to choose from:

Professional: I was born in the German City Karlsruhe (mostly known for its palace and ray arranged streets, all leading to it). I attended primary and secondary school in the small village Mörsch which is located just about 10km south of Karlsruhe close to the rim of the black forest. After finishing school and getting some working experience and an apprenticeship, I rejoined education by attending the University of Karlsruhe and the Concordia University in Montréal. After getting my degree, I had a 2 year interlude at the french telecommunication company Alcatel before joining Danet GmbH. At Danet I became the department manager for IAM (Identity and Access Management). In 2005 I left Danet and headed for Porsche. At Porsche I used to work as an IT Manager, being responsible for a set of international Aftersales Applications. In 2010 I joined the R&D Department.

Free time: "There's just not enough time, there are too many interesting things to do." Well that is just so true when it comes to me: Family comes first -- especially my daughter, but otherwise I do all kind of sports (mostly running, scuba diving, tennis), love to travel around the world and spent way to much time in front of my computer.