Apr 18 2010

Stranded in the U.S.A.

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I’m stranded. Not somewhere on an Island but in the United States. A victim of a volcano which name I can’t even spell nor pronounce.

A week ago we took our flight from Stuttgart to Atlanta to do some work here for our company. Another colleague who was on the same flight told me, that he would stay in Atlanta for 2 weeks. “Wow” I thought by myself, that’s long. I was pretty sure that I would be home by the weekend. I was wrong, really wrong.

While our flight was still on schedule on Friday morning, that changed after we arrived at the airport. After waiting in front of the information counter for nearly 3 hours we got an alternative flight which is now due on next Monday. I’d be happy if this is really going to happen… Right now it looks as if this flight is getting canceled as well.

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