May 31 2008

Relaunch 2008

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I finally switched the backend of this site to a CMS (content management system).

After looking around for quite some time I finally choose Drupal, as it integrates all the modules (blog, gallery, forum) and is futhermore fully supported by my hosting partner.

Some background information regarding the migration:

My domain, or at least my homepage, already exists for quite some time. All startet as a small collection of hand crafted html pages which I created while attending university in Canada.

Several years later I added some Java servlets to add basic interactive functionality. In the end they served their purpose but were slow and cumbersome to maintain. Adding new content or modifying existing stuff was barely possible.

In the end I removed all Java stuff again and transformed into a wild collection of different php-based web apps:

  1. Serendipity for my Blog
  2. Gallery for my Pictures (replaced by tinywebgallery in the end)
  3. phpBB for periods where a forum was needed.
All was integrated very poorly and changes were possible but still required lot of work. Hopefully this will change with the usage of Drupal.
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